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Wanderlust Scooter Picnic!

2.5 Hour Experience 

For 2 People

(More People can be added, Please Call For Special Link)

What's Included:

2 High Performance Electric Scooters

​Safety Briefing

1 Hour Curated Scenic Scooter Tour 

Mini Lux in the City Picnic Set Up 

Pre- Ordered Yeg Picnic Box

1 Hour Scenic Picnic

15 minutes will be added to the scooter tour or picnic time, depending on group needs.

15 - 20 minutes to scoot back to starting location.

How It Works!


Starting Location

Get Started By Picking Up Your High Performance Electric Scooter At Travel Gurus.


Picnic Destination

After Working Up An Appetite, You'll Arrive To Your Mini Lux & The City Set Up. 


Enjoy The Views

Enjoy A One Hour Scenic Route That Capture The Best Views Of  Downtown Edmonton.

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Picnic With A View

Enjoy Your Pre-Ordered Yeg Picnic Box With A Stunning City View.

Picnic Box Options

We currently have three boxes to choose from, with more to come. The price includes the full Wanderlust Scooter Picnic package.

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Brunch Box- $130

mini buttermilk pancakes, cinnamon bun waffle bites, assorted fresh fruit, chocolate, icing, syrup, Nutella

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Charcuterie Box - $140

3 types of cheese, 3 styles of meat, olives, pickles, crackers, bread, preserves, truffle salt, dried fruit, fresh fruit, veg


High Tea Box

Coming Soon!

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