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What if it rains?

We understand how unpredictable Edmonton weather can be! We want you to feel at ease when booking your event! We are always prepared to rebook in the case of unfortunate weather! We will contact you 2-3 days before your event to reschedule or switch to an indoor event. In regards to popup cinema we can currently offer a date change, unless a 12ft screen can fit indoors.

Can we drink at the picnic?

YES! Edmonton has now released a few Edmonton parks that include public drinking! Make sure to secure your location before booking a picnic that includes alcoholic beverages! We will coordinate with your city booking to create your ultimate experience.

Do we need to include kids for the reservation?

If your little one requires their own portion of picnic treats, then you can include them in the reservation! If they don't require any picnic goodies or very minimal then no need to include them! We are working on adding a kids box for the little minis. So keep an eye out!

What if I have a specific colour scheme in mind?

We are always open to working with you on creating beautiful, unique themes. If you have something very specific in mind, let us know and we can work something out with a fee.

Locations for picnics?

We offer a few of our favourite locations that we frequent often. We are always open to offering in locations off the beaten path. Just send us the proposed location to see if it is a possibility. Keep in mind we need access to the location with close parking, paved sidewalk within distance. 

Food restrictions?

If you have have any dietary restrictions please let us know in advanced. We will work hard to create a tasty replacement.

Covid Safety?

Your safety is always a priority! We launder all items and sanitize everything after and prior to use. We follow current restrictions that are in place.

Will staff be present during my event?

Picnics: We will not be attending your picnic! We will meet at an agreed location and choose a time for us to return. If you wish to leave early we ask for a 10-15 minute window.





Phone/ Text: 1 (780) 884-0408

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